The A1097C monitor from Hewlett Packard

Forget what you have read about this monitor on the net. It uses a resolution of 1280 x 960, NOT 1280 x 1024.

Since it uses syncronization on the green cable instead of on 2 separate cables, an adapter is needed. I use the 0215-PCS PC Sync Adapter from Griffin Technology. It costs $30, and gives an excellent signal. (Not anymore. They are discontinued, BUT you may get them from me, since I still have some left, including cables.)

Spec: A1097C is a monosync monitor from Hewlett packard. It is not adjustable, but is made for one single mode only, which is 1280 x 960, at 72 Hz, a perfect 4:3 monitor. Sync on green.

wave1 wave1
This is what it looks like. There are 3 BNC connectors on the back, so synchronization has to be on the green wire. There are rumours that there are variants with 5 connectors. (According to Dusan Jankovic it is possible to adjust this monitor for lots of other resolutions by using a screwdriver on the hidden controls, marked with yellow on the picture. There are markings on the metal inside.)

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