Kim G. S. Øyhus

Image Takeoff.

I am running down the ramp at Sundvollen, 350 m above landing, spring 1997. You can rest assured that I did in fact take off, and had a little turbulent ride down to the field where I landed. Unfortunately I had not gotten a variometer yet, so I could not measure height and change of height. A pity, since I definitely had updrafts somewhere in the flight.

This have of course been rectified, resulting in several thermal soaring tours, and one hang soaring into the sunset. I have even been up to the cloud base, 2200 m above sea!

The wing is a Clubman from 1990, a 5'th generation beginner to intermediate wing. I have just bought me a WillsWing Ultrasport, an intermediate to advanced wing. So I am now trying to sell my Clubman wing.

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