Name: Kim G.S. Øyhus
Date: 5. June 2018
Nationality: Norwegian
Languages: Norwegian and English, understands German and Russian.
Civilian status: Single
Born: 4. March 1966
Personal business: Øyhus Information Technology
Address: Odvar Solbergs vei 90-8013
0970 Oslo
Phone: (+47) 900 14 425
Email: kim.oyhus@gmail.com
WWW page: http://kim.oyhus.no
Key qualifications Programming, physics, math, patenting, cryptography, fingerprints, marketing, Unix system administration, electronics, cybernetics, acoustics.
Programming: C/C++, Qt, java, C#, WPF, OpenGL, Matlab, Python, Perl, div. Assembler, ARM, HTML. System administration of IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD, hp-ux, Linux, sgi Irix, firewalls.
Patents: "Layered crossbar memory connected to integrated circuit."
(I was my own patent agent.)
NO 320176
PCT WO 2005/076356 A1
"System, portable device and method for digital authentication, crypting and signing by generating short-lived cryptokeys." (3 inventors.) NO 316489
PCT WO 03/034655 A1
Work: Teacher for Elvebakken VGS, Kuben VGS and Etterstad VGS. I was a contact teacher for electro at Elvebakken. Also tought a lot of data, math, physics, chemistry, etc. 2019 -
Marketing analyst and optimiser for a Tesla affiliate. The ads got very effective. 2018
Summer teacher of makerspace at Kontra Kulturskole in Ski. Teaching and practice with 3D printing and with programming of Microbit for 11-14 year olds. 2018
Development of secret hair care product, using 3D design and printing, and physics with fluid mechanics. For a couple of hairdressers who own salons. 2015
Development, maintenance and documentation of countless undocumented IT systems at Pixamo, a subsidiary of Fovea.no 2015
Development of Sound Camera 2, a high resolution acoustic camera, using sound instead of light for imaging. 2014
Physicist, programmer, and cryptographer for SafeECom. Implemented radar, Voice Over Internet Protocol, medical device prototype, and worked on flight cybernetics, multimodal radio IP, and cryptographic analysis. 2012-2013
Programming of Petrel for Schlumberger. Done in C# and WPF. Consulting via binR. 2011
Marketing and research for Investtech. Research on statistical marketing through the Internet. Stock Analysis. 2010
Independent consultant and private scientist. 2009
Programmer for Exie. Further development of a system for "Corporate Performance Management". 2008
Programmer and physicist for FMC Technologies, Subsea Systems. Further development of "Flow Manager", a system for simulating oil fields and optimization of flow. I made a new venturi model which doubled the accuracy of the whole system. 2006-2008
Cryptographics mathematician and programmer for GenKey. I invented a cryptographic system which can use fingerprints as secret keys. I also developed an ARM processor RSA cryptosystem which were 50% faster than similar systems. 2001/2002-2005/2006
The Unix system administrator for UPC. The job also involved safety of net, programming, and a lot of work with IBM RS/6000. 1999-2001
Diverse consulting jobs: 1998
Telenor Bedrift, dataservice, unix remote administration, team "etc.", where I administered IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, and hp-ux.
Telenor Bedrift, Year 2000 project, where I developed strategy and routines for accurate synchronization and testing of heterogenous multimachine systems.
PGS (Petroleum Geotechnical Services), where I among other things operated IBM SP, 64 processor supercomputers.
I have also done Silicon Graphics Irix.
Unix system administrator for the GSM-project in Telenor Mobil. I had singelhandedly responsibility for machines, network, user support, programming, etc. 1994-1998
Temporary teacher 3. grade electronics. 1994
Privat teacher in math.
Graduated with M.Sc. in math and physics from NTH, now a part of NTNU. 1993
Programming of TV-displaydrivers for Mikrodesign/Køfri, and display of sport-times on television for Tidtaking A/S, under NRK Tyholt and TV-Norge. 1991
Programmeng of film/video-cut database for Statens Filmcentral, Laboraty. The idea was later used by NRK, and is still in use. 1986
I worked for Tiki-Data. Various programming of Tiki 100 and Tiki PC, such as Email, serial measurement devices, games, copy protection, doing the stand on exhibition. 1986
Design of telephone surveillance, including cryptograpy and security. 2009
Cybernetic control system for large exercise robot with force feedback. 2009
Voice-modem server farm. Construction, programming, and administration. 2000 & 2004
Telenor Bedrift, year 2000 project, where i developed strategy and procedures for accurate synchronized testing of heterogenous multi platform systems. 1998
PGS (Petroleum Geotechnical Services), where I among other stuff administered IBM SP, 64 processor supercomputer, and Silicon Graphics Irix. 1998
Temporary teacher for 3rd year electronics. 1994
Private teaching of mathematics.
Programming of TV-display drivers for Q-free, and displaying of sport times for Tidtaking A/S, for NRK Tyholt and TV-Norge, two large norwegian TV channels. 1991
Programming of special database for interclip conversion between video and film, for the laboratory of the State Film Central. The idea was later used by The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, and might still be in use. 1986
Education: Norges Tekniske Høyskole, (now NTNU) Department of Physics and Mathematics, measurement physics and solid state physics. Finished as M.Sc.
Measurement physics is about designing and building sensors, electronics, and programming for measuring. It is a sort of computer-electro-physics.
Solid state physics is about microstructures, quantum mechanics, electromagnetics, crystals, and use of electron microscope.
In addition I took courses in numerical math, and numeric solution of partial differential equations, and cybernetics.
I used a lot of my time at PVV, the computer workshop by students. It was us who administered the Unix machines in the university. I did a lot of programming in C, C++, X11, Unix, systemadministration, etc.
Experience: Getting a patent for my own invention. I did the patent applicaton myself. 2004-2005
Programming of 2 dimensional Fourer transform for Nycomed. 1994
My graduation thesis was an optimally fast acoustic spectral analyzer. I used number theory to make the FFT algorithm and windowing maximally fast. It is written in English. 1993
My graduate project was a 22 bit 300 V Analog to Digital converter, with flying earth. 1992
I coordinated the construction of bathtub with artful parade-stuff for the traditional student bathtub paddling acros the Nidelven river.
Membership: NIF, Norske Sivilingeniørers Forening.
Hobbies: Snowboarding Bicycling
Figurant at dog training Music
Literature Science Fiction
Svimming Math
Electronics Computing
Fine mechanics. Hanggliding